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Tilden & Company®

About Us

Tilden & Company® is a family owned and operated business where our sole objective is to provide the highest quality smoking products obtainable. Our mission is to ensure our patrons receive sophisticated and discrete smoking accessories they will delight in for years to come.

“In a world besieged by counterfeits, imposters and charlatans, our aspiration is to be known as: The Refined One.”- Tilden & Company®

*Tilden & Company® products are intended for use by those individuals who may legally purchase and use these products for their intended purpose only.

Glass Pipes

Shop our beautifully and specifically crafted glass pipes.


Our accessories are specifically made to be descreet and to compliment your pipes.

Our Glass Pipes

Whether you are planning a relaxing night in or heading out for the evening, our pipes will quickly become your favorite accessory

Our Glass Pipes - Tobacco Glass Pipes

Whether you’re buying your first smoking pipe or expanding your well-established collection, you can shop our beautiful, specifically crafted pipes to find a match for every smoking need. From short, low-profile pipes that tuck perfectly into a blazer pocket to large statement pieces sure to turn heads, our range of unique smoking pipes includes something for everyone.


And these pipes aren’t just built for show — made with the finest materials, Tilden & Company® pipes fulfill both form and function. Sturdy yet stylish, contemporary yet dignified, our pipes turn every smoke into a special occasion. Find your perfect smoking partner among the pipes in our collection, and celebrate each day with a touch of luxury.

Our Tobacco Smoking Accessories

Designed to complement the entire range of Tilden & Company® pipes, our selection of accessories provides the tools you need to perfectly complete your smoking experience. With a focus on practicality, we create pipe accessories that enable you to smoke with comfort and ease, whether you’re on the go or enjoying a leisurely smoke at home.


Our signature pipe accessories include a convenient and durable branded tobacco tray, plus our coveted smell-proof tobacco pouch. These tools provide a simple and efficient solution for your pipe smoking needs while putting a new, Tilden & Company® spin on traditional designs.

Our Price Point

We take pride in our affordability, providing high-quality smoking products that are approachable for any budget and lifestyle. With our signature Tilden & Company® smoking line, you can treat your collection to luxury pipes and accessories without straining your wallet.


For the full Tilden & Company® experience at an easy discount, we also offer a comprehensive bundle complete with both pipes and accessories. It’s perfect for gifting, upgrading your daily smoking tools, or introducing new smokers. And at 10% off the individual selling price, our Tilden Tool Kit delivers the absolute best value for your money.

Tilden & Company® Tobacco Smell Proof Carrying Bag
Tilden and Company

Our Family

Tilden & Company® is proudly and 100% family-owned. With six family members across two generations working to make our business a success, we are able to imbue each product and hand-assembled package with true quality and care.


Outside of business hours, family is still family. So when we aren’t working together to perfect our customers’ experience, our staff of family members also spends leisure time together. At least two to three times a week, you can find us swimming, boating, or simply enjoying each other’s company — probably while enjoying a slow, relaxing smoke. And if our off-hours occasionally turn into an impromptu brainstorming session, that just goes to show how much our work at Tilden & Company® means to us.


Tilden & Company® isn’t just a day job. It’s our passion and our hope, a legacy that grows with our family day by day. So when you shop with Tilden & Company®, you can feel confident that we’re ready and excited to deliver the premium products and customer experience that you deserve.

The Tilden & Company® Experience

When you smoke from a quality pipe, you have an experience, not just a smoke. That’s why Tilden & Company® creates our pipes as part of a bigger, more meaningful lifestyle.


We chose mountains for the Tilden & Company® logo because to us, the mountains represent freedom. In our regular, day-to-day lives, so many of us work inside, stuck in small boxes and confined to a computer screen. We forget the simple joy of being outdoors, soaking in everything nature has to offer us.


At Tilden & Company®, both our logo and our products are meant to remind you that there is so much more in life to enjoy and experience. Don’t limit yourself to the hustle and strictures of modern society. Get out, take in the scenery, and when it’s time to wind down, relax with the smooth draw of a Tilden & Company® pipe.

Our Story

Tilden & Company® is a family-owned and operated business striving to provide you with the greatest smoking products on the market. Utilizing high-quality materials and first-rate craftsmanship, our goal is to deliver smoking accessories that are fashionable, discreet, and will stand the test of time so you can enjoy them for years to come.


Tilden & Company® began when we grew tired of a market flooded with cheap, low-quality, and gimmicky smoking pipes. Made to be bright and flashy, these pipes broke easily and looked terrible. We wanted something that suited a more sophisticated lifestyle, without being expensive or elitist. But when we couldn’t find a perfect fit, we realized: we’d have to make the perfect pipes ourselves.


Thus, our journey began. We took our time, cutting no corners to rush products to market. Instead, we carefully researched and personally selected every material and design that would come to represent the Tilden & Company® name. We wanted each pipe and accessory in our catalog to be elegantly understated, affordable, and built to last.


So why choose our products? Because in a world full of imposters, charlatans, and counterfeits, our objective is to be known as “The Refined One.”


Questions or Concerns? Talk to us.

If ever you have questions about our products, policies, or company values, Tilden & Company® is here to help. Get in touch with our team using the “Contact Us” form below or by reaching out to us on Instagram. At Tilden & Company®, we guarantee that you won’t receive any unhelpful automated replies or confused third-party handling — just a real human response from one of our actual team members.


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*Tilden & Company® items are intended for use only by persons who are legally able to purchase and use them for their intended purpose.