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 Longfellow: (length 8 inches and weight is approx: 2 ozs)

With the smooth draw and sleek lines, this “fellow” is designed to ease you into a relaxing evening and end your “long” day.

About Tilden & Company Smoking Pipes 

Welcome to Tilden & Company, a family-owned and operated business. We aim to provide our customers with sleek and sophisticated smoking accessories which will delight them for years to come.

One of our original signature pipes, the Longfellow features a unique and distinguished design perfect for smokers trying to cultivate an air of refinement. Slender and elegant, the Longfellow delivers a heady smoking experience best enjoyed on a long and leisurely pipe break.

  • This “fellow” is designed to ease you into a calm evening and conclude your “long” day with its easy draw and sleek lines.
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Weight: approximately 2 oz
  • Material: glass
  • Price: $28.00
  • Available colors: black and white

The Longfellow adds a touch of class to any smoke. Add it to your collection and be rewarded with a graceful pipe that will help you unwind and promote deep, satisfying relaxation. The Longfellow is a natural companion for your slow afternoon at the lake or an evening around the fire pit with friends.

“In a world besieged by counterfeits, imposters, and charlatans, our aspiration is to be known as The Refined One.” –Tilden & Company®

Why Buy Pipes from Tilden & Company

At Tilden & Company, our first priority is providing a high-quality smoking experience to every customer. We only stock pipes manufactured from thick glass that meets our rigorous durability standards and results in craftsmanship that lasts.

On top of our eye toward quality, we also value versatility, originality, and practicality with each of our pipes and smoking accessories. Designed with elegant lines and a vintage edge, we offer distinctive pipes for any need — from large statement pieces to convenient short pipes small enough to carry in your pocket. Most importantly, each and everyone provides a smooth, consistent way to smoke your favorite herb.

Our pipes will quickly become your favorite accessory for any occasion, whether you’re planning an afternoon hike, a relaxing evening in, or an extravagant night on the town.

Love Your Tilden Pipe? You’ll Also Love Our Accessories

Once you’ve found your perfect pipe in the Tilden & Company collection, why not pair it with matching accessories of the same high caliber? We offer durable trays that are lightweight and portable, ready to create a smooth and steady pipe-packing surface at the drop of a hat.  We also have odor-suppressing carry bags to help you discreetly bring along all your smoking supplies wherever your adventures may lead you.

Contact Us

If you need any suggestions or assistance, Tilden & Company would love to hear from you. Give us a call at 513-940-8284 or email us at Our customer service representatives are ready to ensure that you have the best shopping experience — and best smoking experience — imaginable.

And don’t forget to follow us on social media for exciting announcements, promotions, and new product releases! With Tilden & Company, it’s not just smoke — it’s a lifestyle.


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