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Smoking Pipes – Best Smoking Pipes

We are quickly building on our reputation of offering the best smoking pipes in the industry. Our pipes will quickly become your favorite smoking accessory, whether you’re planning a calm night in or a late night out.

Our smoking accessories shop stocks all kinds of excellent smoking pipes. We carry the Longfellow, the Great Smoky, 12 O’Clock Knob aka “The Nooner.” The Longfellow is designed to ease you into a calm evening and be a great end to your “long” day. It has a smooth draw and sleek lines. The Great Smoky is quite self-explanatory with its commanding and sizable chamber. This pipe suggests a nice and sturdy design for a perfect gentleperson’s statement piece. The 12 O’Clock Knob, aka “The Nooner,” will help you cope with your midday slump. It is designed to be more discreet and more petite. All of the pipes are offered in both black and white. 

Smoking Pipes - Best Smoking Pipes

Best Smoking Pipes Accessories

A pipe that isn’t up to standard bothers a truly dedicated smoker more than anything else. Pipes are impressive on their own, but they’re much better with the addition of custom accessories. Tilden & Company is pleased to offer one of the best online pipe components inventories for various pipe types.

Purchasing a new item isn’t always sufficient, and certainly isn’t necessary. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll want to personalize your new pipe with accessories.

In our parts and accessories selection, every smoker will find something to suit their needs. The Flat Top and Tilden and Company’s Smell Proof Carrying Bag are two of these items.

Tilden & Company’s Smell Proof Carrying Bag is $10. Covertly carry your belongings. However, it won’t be able to outsmart a curious canine.

$105.00 for the Tilden Tool Kit! Tilden has made for you the Tilden Tool Kit, which is a set of tools. The Tilden Tool Kit comprises 1 Flat Top, 1 bag, 1 Nooner, 1 Longfellow, and 1 Great Smoky. You’ll save over 10% when compared to buying each item separately.

Our shop has the most up-to-date and valuable accessories. Whatever you require to make your smoking experience more efficient and easy, we are confident that we will have it.

These accessories aren’t just for looking good; they also make smoking as simple as possible. Even if you don’t have a specific accessory in mind, the items in this collection are worth checking out. You’re bound to see something new, and you might be inspired by these inventive solutions to typical smoking annoyances.

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All retail orders are typically sent within 1-3 business days, while delays may occur at any time for any cause. We ship using FedEx, UPS, or USPS first-class or priority mail, which takes 2-4 business days (within the 48 contiguous States).

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This is the place to go if you want to see an almost continuous parade of pipes. If the pipe you didn’t realize you’ve always wanted isn’t yet available, it will be soon. Return often for an endless supply of pipes to suit any hunger and budget.

Tilden & Company, located at 101 North Riverside Dr. in Batavia, OH 45103, sells smoking accessories. Tilden & Company strives to be one of the most prestigious suppliers of smoking accessories. Tilden & Co. offers the most comprehensive collection of cutting-edge alternative smoking accessories, as well as excellent customer service, speedy shipping, and, most importantly, guaranteed affordable prices.

What we’re about

Tilden & Company® is a family-owned and run company whose main mission is to deliver the best smoking goods available. Our goal is to provide our customers with stylish and discreet smoking accessories that they will enjoy for years to come.

*Tilden & Company® items are intended for use only by persons who can legally purchase and use them for the intended purpose.

“In a world besieged by counterfeits, imposters and charlatans, our aspiration is to be known as The Refined One.”- Tilden & Company®.