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About Us – Tilden and Company

About Us - Tilden and Company

Our mission at Tilden & Company is to ensure that our clients get discreet and sophisticated smoking accessories that will continue to bring you pleasure for years. Our company is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality smoking products. 

“In a world besieged by counterfeits, imposters and charlatans, our aspiration is to be known as The Refined One.” – Tilden & Company.


Welcome to Tilden & Company

At Tilden & Company, we aspire to be among the world’s best and most trusted smoking accessory suppliers. That’s why we offer an exclusive collection of cutting-edge alternative smoking accessories, as well as world-class customer service, fast shipping, and guaranteed low prices.


Who Are We?

Tilden & Company began with a family of simple dreams and simple pleasures. Our greatest joy is quality time, whether we spend it out on the lake together or indulging in meaningful conversation. We value a quality of life that is fulfilling and sophisticated without pretension. That’s why we chose the majesty of mountains in the Tilden & Company logo — to represent the freedom, beauty, and individuality of nature.


Our Custom Smoking Pipes

Tilden & Company offers a variety of unique pipes to choose from, delivering options for any sort of smoker. Our pipes are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from small, pocket-sized pipes to take on the go to long and luxurious pipes perfect for a leisurely smoke in front of the fireplace. No matter your smoking need, you’re sure to find a special new addition to your collection.

Currently, our selection of handcrafted pipes includes the Longfellow, the 12 O’Clock Knob (aka “The Nooner”), and The Great Smoky. 

  • The Longfellow is now available in two colors — black and white — at the modest price of $28.00. At a graceful 8 inches long and weighing around 2 oz, this “fellow” is designed to soothe you into a relaxing evening and conclude your “long” day with its easy draw and sleek lines.
  • The 12 O’Clock Knob (aka “The Nooner”) is now available in two colors — black and white — at the affordable price point of $16.00. With our shortest length of 4.2 inches and comfortably lightweight of 1.5 oz, this pipe is designed to be compact and unobtrusive. Carry it along with ease, and allow The Nooner to gently ease you over the lunchtime slump.
  • The Great Smoky is now available in two colors — black and white — for a mere $34.00. Measuring 6 inches in length and weighing about 4.5 oz, it’s the happy medium of our pipe range while still presenting a signature style. Boasting a large, imposing chamber, the Great Smoky has a strong, beautiful profile that makes it an ideal showpiece to compliment any outfit or collection.


Our Accessories

To complete your smoking experience, we offer branded accessories designed to complement any Tilden & Company pipe. Select from our available options to round out your new pipe set and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Our Flat Top tray is a stylish and inexpensive solution perfect for any pipe enthusiast. Priced at only $10, the Flat Top provides you with the extra surface area you require when on the run. As for convenience, it can’t be beaten. The Flat Top is lightweight but durable and small enough to fit effortlessly into most bags.

One of our most popular items, the demand for Flat Top is always high. Don’t hesitate to order — this must-have accessory has been known to go out of stock in a flash.

  • For the discerning smoker, Tilden & Company is excited to offer our Smell Proof Carrying Bag. For just $10, you can discreetly carry your pipe, accessories, and smoke of choice in one tidy and attractive package. No more misplaced pipe tools or loose leaf dust. Now you can keep your set pristine with this handy and understated pouch.

Our Carrying Bag helps make odors indiscernible to the human nose, but watch out for snooping canines.


Get the Best of the Best

Can’t decide where to begin your artisanal smoking journey? Experience a tantalizing range of our Tilden & Company products with the Tilden Tool Kit, a curated selection perfect for novice smokers, avid collectors, and veterans ready to refresh their assortment of pipes. The Tilden Tool Kit includes:

Experience the best that Tilden & Company has to offer and save money along the way. Priced at $105, the Tilden Tool Kit delivers over 10% savings compared to purchasing each item separately.


Shipping and Returns

At this time, Tilden & Company can only provide free shipping within the continental United States. Orders placed outside of the continental United States will be subject to shipping charges. Tilden & Company is not responsible for any fees related to customs and importation costs on foreign orders (if applicable).

Our retail orders are typically sent within 1-3 business days, but on the occasion of unforeseen circumstances, some orders could take longer. We ship using FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS first class or priority mail. Orders generally take 2-4 business days to arrive after shipment (within the 48 contiguous states).

Tilden & Company stands behind the high quality of our pipes and pipe accessories, and refunds for all online orders are handled on a case-by-case basis. To make an inquiry, please contact our friendly support team at within 10 days of your purchase.