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When you’re floating on cloud nine, taking care of your smoking pipe may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s in your best interest to properly maintain and store your pipe. As experienced smokers know, a well-maintained pipe will last longer and reward you with high-quality smoke sessions

With proper care, your smoking pipe can last a lifetime. Here are few tips to maintain smoking pipes so that they serve you for years to come.


Cleaning Your Smoking Pipe

Listen, you can’t just scrape the resin out of your pipe before you smoke and call it a day. To ensure that your smoking pipe delivers the best experience, you’ll need to clean it regularly. But resist the urge to grab a paperclip or bobby pin to scrape your pipe, because these can cause damage. If you don’t have a pipe cleaner handy, soaking your pipe in a mixture of rubbing alcohol and salt for at least thirty minutes will work just fine. 

Many people smoke outside, but it’s a bad idea to leave the pipe outside after you finish. This is especially important if you live in an environment with extreme cold or heat, which can crack or even shatter cheap pipes. Instead, keep your pipes indoors, where you can moderate the temperature. It’s also recommended that you use high-quality glass pipes, which are better constructed and less susceptible to damage from extreme temperature changes.

Lastly, be careful where you leave your pipe! It’s easy to fumble and knock your glass pipe to the ground, leaving you with a pile of broken shards. If your pipe isn’t in a storage container, be careful to place it on a level surface.


Storing Your Smoking Pipe

Of course, the first thing you want to do after getting blazed is to toss your pipe to the side and conk out (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who likes to clean). But this definitely isn’t the best way to store your smoking pipe. A crucial part of caring for your smoking pipe is storing it properly. Your primary concerns should be protecting your glass pipe from breakage and reducing nasty odors from leftover resin.

To properly care for your pipe, consider storing it in one of the following:

  • A plastic container: You can get a plastic container just about anywhere, but you’ll want to make sure that it is sealable to trap odors. If you have the option, consider purchasing an airtight plastic container to ensure that the scent of cannabis doesn’t spread. Using a plastic container to store your pipes is affordable, but since there’s no padding inside, it’s important to handle the container with care.
  • A smell-proof bag: If a plastic container is too clunky for your liking, why not use a smell-proof bag made specifically for your weed-related gear? These are also great to slip in your bag while traveling. You can count on a cannabis carrying bag to help block odors and give your pipe a soft home to nestle in.
  • A lockbox: Are the people around you less than friendly to the idea of cannabis? Invest in a lockbox for the utmost discretion. We recommend purchasing one with padding to protect your pipe further.


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