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All cannabis pipes are not equal. But even for regular smokers, it’s easy to get so caught up in the type or quality of cannabis you’re smoking that you forget about the quality of the material you’re smoking from. You can’t get by smoking from apples and empty soda cans forever. If you haven’t already, it’s time to mature and upgrade your entire smoking experience with a suitable smoking pipe.

Cannabis pipe manufacturers use various materials, so it’s up to you which type best fits your needs and lifestyle. Here are the best smoking pipe materials that will make your next smoke sesh all the merrier.



There is no doubt that glass pipes are the most popular pipe on the market in the 21st century. For one thing, they’re among the safest smoking utensils because they contain no combustible chemicals as you might find in rolling papers. Glass pipes are also easy to clean and don’t interfere with the taste of your smoke.

Aesthetically speaking, glass is a highly malleable material that can come in exciting shapes with various designs. The only downside is that glass pipes vary significantly in durability, so do yourself a favor and purchase a well-made glass pipe. A cheap, poorly made glass pipe won’t end up saving you money if you’re constantly dropping it once you’re zooted.



Silicone pipes are easy to travel with and rarely break. On the downside, the silicone material can leave an odd aftertaste in your mouth and alter the flavor of your bud. You also need to make sure that you’re informed about the grade of silicone pipe that you’re purchasing. There are many adverse health effects associated with smoking from a silicone pipe that contains BPA. For the safest possible smoke, choose high-quality and double-check that the silicone pipe you’re buying uses antimicrobial silicone.



If durability is your primary concern, a metal smoking pipe is the toughest to damage. When choosing a metal pipe, stick with titanium, stainless steel, and pure brass for the best results. Unlike other smoking pipe materials, metal doesn’t leave much room for artistry, but it makes up for supreme sturdiness. Just like glass pipes, metal smoking pipes are easy to clean. However, anyone who smokes from a metal pipe knows that the taste is terrible. Metal pipes are the kind of pipes that most people reserve for situations where they’re traveling. Consider choosing a glass pipe for home smoking and only using metal when you’re on the road.



Wooden pipes are the oldest to ever exist in the world. Twelve thousand years ago, the ancient Indians first used pipes for smoking cannabis. However, it’s become relatively uncommon to see someone smoking with a wooden pipe in modern times. Apart from being hard to find for sale, wooden pipes require cleaning with great care and patience. Cleaning can even age the wood quickly if done incorrectly. Wooden pipes are also easily burnt on the inside when if the manufacturer didn’t varnish them properly.


Tilden and Company

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