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There’s no time like smoke time, but not every smoking session is created equal. Every smoker knows that your entire experience can be elevated and enhanced by the pipe you use, while some pipes simply don’t fit the occasion at hand. For instance, you wouldn’t bring a giant, clunky pipe to a friend’s house. It makes more sense to travel with something small and sleek. In contrast, you probably wouldn’t use a tiny smoking pipe that gives small hits in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for a pipe that can serve you whenever and wherever, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few perfect pipes for every occasion.


1. The Spoon Pipe

If you smoke cannabis, there’s no doubt you’ve used a spoon pipe before. Spoon pipes are a classic, loved by chronic smokers and newbies alike. They can be composed of glass, wood, metal, or silicone, but glass is the most popular material.

Spoon pipes have a bowl where you can place your smoking materials of choice. When you spark the herb, you’ll want to ensure that your finger covers the little hole on the side, called the carb. As you inhale, release your finger so that the smoke pushes to the back of your throat.

Spoon pipes come in a variety of different sizes, but most people choose one that’s on the smaller side because it’s easier to fit in their pocket for a smoke on the go.


2. The Gandalf Pipe

There’s no doubt that Gandalf pipes are among the most sophisticated pipes out there. True to their name, they feature an incredibly long stem that will have you puffing like Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings.” The mouthpiece on these elegant pipes is curved so that smoke takes longer to reach you, creating nice, smooth hits. The bottom of a Gandalf pipe typically has a flat base, so the pipe even stands upright by itself.

If you’re interested in toking up with this unique style of pipe, consider our gorgeous Longfellow Pipe. Beautifully handcrafted, the Longfellow is the type of smoking piece you could keep on your mantle as decor. It features sleek, elegant lines and a long stem. Plus, it’s lightweight, durable, and perfect for a leisurely smoke. So if you need a pipe to keep at home for tranquil evenings, give this pipe a try!


3. The One-Hitter

Are you interested in (discreetly) getting to the point and getting on with your day? Then a one-hitter is the pipe for you. These pipes are unfussy and can easily fit in your purse or wallet. These pipes only can hold enough bud for about one hit, but if you buy high-grade herb, that should be enough.

One-hitter pipes are also easy to use because they don’t have a carb or any extraneous parts. As with many pipes, glass one-hitters are the most popular, as glass delivers pure flavor and easy maintenance. But they can also be crafted from quartz, metal, or wood.


4. The Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are gradually becoming more popular due to their ease of use. What makes glass blunts special is their ability to mimic the feeling of smoking from cigar wraps or rolling papers without needing to worry about constantly re-stocking on papers — making them a better choice for the environment and your wallet.

With glass blunts, you won’t inhale any of the harmful chemicals common in rolling papers. Plus, once you light a glass blunt, it stays lit better than rolled joints. You can also choose when to empty the container of ash instead of dropping it everywhere as you smoke.


Tilden and Company

With so many unique smoking pipes on the market, it can be tough to narrow down your options and find the perfect pipe for you. We hope this article helps make your decision a little easier!

At Tilden & Company, we have sophisticated glass pipes available in a variety of classic styles. Our handcrafted, iconic pipes and smoking accessories are made only with high-quality materials, delivering a safe and fulfilling smoking experience that will last for years to come.

Ready to elevate your smoke? Shop with us today and take your smoke to a whole new level.


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