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If you’re a newbie smoker, you’re probably wondering what type of pipe you should buy. Walk into your local smoke shop, and you’ll find dozens of different smoking apparatuses lining the walls and enclosed in display cases. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. Which will deliver the best experience? Metal? Ceramic?

Seasoned smokers know that a glass pipe is the most superior option. Number one in popularity for good reason, glass pipes are the tried and true choice for an enhanced cannabis experience. Here are just a few of the main ways they transform your smoking experience for the better.


Get Ready for Better Flavor

The great thing about smoking from a glass pipe is that the material doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your cannabis. The cannabis plant has terpenes that enhance the herb’s scent and flavor. However, pipes composed of metal, wood, or silicone interfere with the cannabis terpenes and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. With a glass pipe, there’s nothing to worry about. The non-porous material delivers pure cannabis flavor for a high-quality smoke.


Glass Pipes Are Discreet

Even in states where cannabis is legal, you might want to smoke discreetly, if only out of politeness. Lucky for you, a glass pipe makes it easy to smoke under the radar. They’re not oddly shaped or clunky in the same way that bong is. In addition, glass pipes come in small sizes that you can easily tuck away in your purse or pocket. So if you need an inconspicuous method to light up, a glass pipe is a way to go!


Glass Pipes Provide Variety

Unlike metal or wood pipes, which often follow standard models, glass pipes come in an endless array of shapes, styles, and designs. This may seem like an afterthought, but your cannabis pipe is an expression of your personality and sets the stage for your smoking experience.

Are you enjoying a smoke in the great outdoors? A unique glass pipe with a woodsy, vintage edge will put you in the right mood. Are you lighting up for a calm, relaxing night in? If so, perhaps a sleek glass pipe designed with poetic elegance in mind is more your style.


Glass Pipes Are Versatile

No other material can compare to the versatility of glass pipes. Since it’s relatively easy to mold the glass, designers can easily make accommodations for attachments like diffused down stems, percolators, and ash catchers. And compared to other pipes, glass options have been more commercially accessible for a long time. Manufacturers have had years of experience developing accessories to enhance your glass pipes’ performance and provide options to suit your every preference and need.


Tilden and Company

All in all, it’s no surprise that glass pipes rose to such meteoric popularity. Out of all your smoking options, they’re simply the best choice. For elegant glass pipes that are great for beginner and experienced smokers alike, look no further than Tilden & Company. We handcraft iconic pipes and smoking accessories that will last for years to come.

Ready to elevate your smoking experience? Shop with us today and take your smoke to a whole new level.


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