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It seems like everywhere you look, even in stores, many of the smoking pipes available are cheaply-made clones. But when it comes to glass pipes, quality is key — not only for the enjoyment of your smoke but also for the safety of your health.


Cheap Pipes End Up Costing You More

Some manufacturers churn out cheap pipes en masse, with little care for craftsmanship. But how can they make these pipes at so little expense? There are two primary ways that these companies cut costs.

For one, they use inexpensive, low-quality glass to save money on each pipe they make. This practice is great for their bottom line but provides poor value to their customers.

Secondly, stingy manufacturers tend to produce thinner, flimsier pipe designs. This way, they can get away with using less of their (already inexpensive) glass. And if this makes their pipes more breakable, what do they care? That just means you’ll have to come back and buy another pipe from them. It’s a win-win for unscrupulous pipe companies.

Unfortunately, it’s a lose-lose for consumers. Not only do budget-conscious smokers end up losing money as they replace pipe after broken pipe, but they expose themselves to additional health risks from the cheap materials and quality standards.


Poorly Made Pipes Present Health Risks

At first, cheap glass pipes may seem like an attractive prospect for your wallet, but you can end up paying the price with your health instead.

Low-quality glass pipes are prone to chipping, cracking, which may seem like a minor aesthetic flaw. But this kind of damage can release fine glass dust particles and carcinogens within the pipe that get inhaled if you continue to use it. The inhalation of these dangerous substances is detrimental to your overall health and can even cause long-term conditions like COPD

There’s no way around it. For a reliable, high-quality smoking experience, you also need a reliable, high-quality pipe.


Why to Prioritize Thickness and Weight

If a glass pipe seems unbelievably light and delicate, then your instincts are right — it’s probably too good to be true. For a reliable sign of pipe quality, look for a robust pipe with satisfying thickness and weight. These will indicate a pipe made with sturdy glass that’s less prone to breakage. This will help protect you from inhaled glass shards while protecting your budget from repeatedly replacing shattered pipes.


Enjoy Quality Pipes from Tilden & Company

Want to invest in a pipe that’s safer and more durable? Tilden & Company handcrafts beautiful pipes that are in a league of their own. This family-owned and operated brand has roots in Batavia, Ohio, and prizes quality above all else.

In 2017, the founders of Tilden & Company noticed that many cannabis pipe brands were lacking an air of elegance. Their goal was to create high-quality glass pipes that are discreet and long-lasting, delighting users with their sophistication for years to come.

Tilden & Company offers glass pipes and smoking accessories that are perfect for a tranquil evening. Ready to elevate your smoking experience? Shop today and take your smoking to a whole new level.


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