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Congratulations! Youve finally decided to quit smoking homemade aluminum foil bowls and get yourself an actual pipe. The overall experience will be much better (and safer). Before you pack a bowl and float away, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the best experience possible.


1. Choosing a Pipe

Out of all the smoking devices available, a pipe is a good choice for a beginner. A well-made pipe will not affect the taste of the cannabis. Theyre easy to use and are made of different materials, like glass, wood, or silicone. Glass pipes are the most commonly used because they are affordable and easy to clean. If youre looking for an elegant piece that will last, we recommend glass pipes. In addition, there are various styles to choose from when it comes to selecting a pipe, so you have the option to select a design that fits your personality. Most people choose a smoking device on the smaller side because theyre discreet and easy to carry around.


2. The Bowl and the Carb

A cannabis pipe has two separate parts that are important to understand before you start using it. The bowl is where you put the cannabis, and the carb is the small hole on the side that allows you to clear the bowl of the smoke. Youre supposed to place your thumb over the carb while youre inhaling and let go just before you exhale. If you start to cough, its working!


3. Its Better to Use a Screen

A screen isnt necessary when you smoke, but we recommend it, especially if your bowl piece is on the larger side. The screen will prevent ash from falling through the hole in your pipe, so you dont inhale a mouthful of black matter. Using a screen is the healthier choice for your lungs and so easy that experienced smokers dont even worry about it. Theyre so inexpensive that you can always buy them in bulk, so you stay stocked up for every smoke session.


4. Supplies Youll Need

Once youve chosen your pipe, youre going to need a grinder and a heating element as well.  Youll want to choose a grinder thats made of aluminum or titanium. Grinders come with multiple levels, and most people choose one with 2 or 3 levels to collect all of the kief. Traditional butane lighters are most common, but there are plenty of non-butane lighters to choose from if you dont like the taste.


5. Enjoy the Ride

If this is your first time smoking cannabis, you probably wont get high, and thats okay. Just in case you do get high, set the mood. Make sure youre around good, fun people, put on a movie, and stock up on snacks. The munchies can hit pretty hard, so make sure you have UberEats or DoorDash downloaded. Even though an excellent high only lasts for a few hours, first-timers typically fall asleep. Dont smoke on a day where you have a lot to do. Chill out and enjoy the experience.


Tilden and Company

While smoking is loads of fun, you must stay informed before you light up. If youre investing in a high-quality pipe, you should know how to use it. For elegant glass pipes that are great for beginner and experienced smokers, look no further than Tilden & Company. We handcraft iconic pipes and smoking accessories that will last for years to come.

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