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Eventually, even the most careless smoker needs to admit that it’s time to clean their pipe. You’ll only be able to pack the bowl so many times until your pipe is clogged and you can’t even take a pull. If you don’t clean your pipe regularly, it will fill with nasty resin and ash. Not only is this displeasing to the eye, but inhaling the buildup of carcinogens and resin can have many terrible health effects. Lastly, a dirty pipe is downright unhygienic. You (hopefully) wash your coffee mug after you use it every morning, so why wouldn’t you clean your smoking pipe? 

Here are a few of the best methods for cleaning your pipe so that you can get back to enjoying your smoke.


How to Clean Your Pipe 

For regular smokers, we recommend that you give your pipe a thorough clean once a week. As for the how, there are a few different methods, so it’s really up to your personal preferences. Whichever technique you choose, remember to be careful with your smoking pipe when you’re cleaning it. If your pipe is composed of multiple parts, be sure to take them apart and wash each one separately.


Rubbing Alcohol and Salt 

What You’ll Need: table salt, isopropyl alcohol, a plastic or glass container, a toothpick or bobby pin

This cleaning solution is a classic because it’s simple, inexpensive, and works every time. The alcohol breaks down accumulated resin, and salt will help dislodge anything that’s stuck in your pipe. Once you’ve gotten your supplies together, you’re only a few steps away from a squeaky-clean pipe. 

  • Before you add any cleaning solution, first use your toothpick or bobby pin to scrape excess resin from the inside of the pipe. It’s a good idea to run the pipe under hot water so that it’s easier to dislodge. 
  • In your container, mix two parts alcohol and one part salt to create your homemade cleaning solution. Then, add a little pinch of salt directly inside the pipe. Place the pipe in the bowl or plastic bag and leave it to soak. It should only take five to ten minutes for your pipe to appear clean.


Vinegar and Baking Soda

What You’ll Need: white vinegar, baking soda, a plastic or glass container

What if you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand or want to avoid using harsh chemicals? An easy mixture of vinegar and baking soda provides a more natural method to dissolve the resin in your pipe. 

  • First, place your pipe into your chosen container and pour in baking soda so that it covers the entire pipe. Next, liberally add white vinegar until the whole pipe is submerged, and put a lid on the container. When the baking soda and vinegar combine, they will bubble and fizz. Don’t worry! This means your cleaning solution is working. 
  • Leave your pipe to soak for at least 30 minutes. After that, rinse it with hot water to remove any excess resin that has been dislodged in the pipe. If you still see any leftover residue, you can remove it with a pipe cleaner, bobby pin, or cotton swab. 


Pipe Cleaning Solution 

What You’ll Need: a bottle of pipe cleaning solution, a plastic or glass container

If you’re a serious smoker who’s willing to make a small investment to keep your pipe pristine, there’s always the option to purchase a pre-formulated pipe cleaning solution. We recommend a non-toxic product like Canna-Off or a classic like Formula 420.

While each pipe cleaning solution will come with its own instructions, they typically follow the same pattern. With most purchased pipe-cleansers, all you’ll need to do is rinse your pipe with hot water, cover it with the cleaning solution, and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing clean.

Now your pipe should be looking fresh and brand-new, so you’re ready to pack another bowl.


Tilden and Company 

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