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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and like many others, you may find yourself down to the wire, with nothing to show for it, and endlessly scrolling through Google looking for the best Father’s Day gifts for an outdoorsman. Buying gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing can be a bit challenging. Especially if he’s the kind whose gear garage is fully stocked and always seems to snag the latest gadgets. 

However, there are little things that you can buy your favorite outdoorsman to enhance his adventures. Check our picks for the best Father’s Day gifts that definitely won’t disappoint.


FlyingColors – Laguiole Folding Pocket Knife

Every father needs a quality pocketknife — or two — in their arsenal. What lands this knife on our best Father’s Day gifts list is its durability and design. In a custom-fitted wooden box, you get a four-inch stainless steel blade and built-in corkscrew, both of which fold in. This beauty also features an ergonomic handle with wood trim and forged stainless steel bolsters. It’s inexpensive, but a great find that dad can enjoy on every trip.


Tilden & Company – The Great Smoky Glass Pipe

After a long day of braving the elements, the dad in your life deserves some time to unwind, and that’s where a pipe comes in handy. Whether dad is a cannabis or tobacco enthusiast, Tilden & Company’s The Great Smoky pipe offers one of the smoothest and richest smoking experiences out there. 

It features a sizable, commanding chamber and a sturdy, handsome design, adding a level of elegance and artistic flair to every smoking session. Plus, it can make you look wise beyond your years. And if you want to be even more discreet, Tilden & Company also sells a smell-proof carrying bag.


Hydro Flask – 12 Oz. Insulated Cooler Cup 

Hydro Flask is one of the top names for insulated water bottles. They’re the go-to choice for keeping liquids piping hot or ice-cold during fishing, hiking, rock climbing, or camping trips. Now, they offer the perfect companion for outdoorsmen. Their cooler cup acts as an insulated koozie for cans and bottles and doubles as a cup when you’re without one. Nice.


Blackjack – Beard Grooming Kit

Whether dad decided to grow a beard during quarantine, or he’s sported one for years, we can bet you he doesn’t wash or moisturize it as much as he should. This inexpensive kit allows him to be as detailed with his self-care as he is when planning out his next camping trip. The grooming kit boasts a well-rounded regimen without breaking the bank and comes with beard wash, conditioner, oil, and a comb — the whole nine.


Gift Cards

Some people believe gift cards are impersonal, but we disagree. Giving your dad a gift card to one of his favorite equipment shops like Orvis, REI, Fleet Feet, or Patagonia is one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give. It shows that you know him while allowing him to choose his adventure, as he so often does when out in the wilderness.


Make Dad’s Day Special with Tilden & Company

If you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for Father’s Day, there are plenty of options to choose from; you just need to know where to look. We hope our picks jumpstarted your creativity and that you select Tilden & Company for your smoking accessory needs. Our pipes are discreet, elegant, and provide an excellent smoking experience dads can enjoy for years to come. Shop our store for more information about our products!


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